Welcome to my web site, where I show all my art and art projects! I call it my Creativity Playground, so snoop around and play:

Enjoy the antics of my Diva Chicken and rooster paintings.


 Contemplate the mysteries of my Moon Series Collages.


 Delight in my Creative Block paintings where I play with colors.


 Page through my illustrated cartoons of golfing chickens and angst-ridden fish.


Read my blog to learn new techniques, commiserate with my mishaps, celebrate any surprising   triumphs, and pick up an occasional recipe or two.

And when you feel like a little shopping is in order, visit my Retail Therapy page, where you can buy art prints, device cases, originals, mugs, ties, bowls, t-shirts, aprons, golf accessories, and other fun stuff with my images on them.

All my art is available for licensing.





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